28 05 2010

I need to vent. My dogs ate my journal. Besides, no one knows my name here…

27 05 2010

Rule #1. Don’t trust anyone.

Well fuck, how I figured out to trust him is beyond me. But I can’t help it. And that’s probably bad. Really bad because I can’t be hurt anymore. If there’s anything left to hurt…

Rule #2. Don’t cry.

Double fuck. I haven’t done that in years. Certainly not in front of another soul. How did you do that and why was I okay with it? Don’t hold that against me. Please.

Rule #3. Patience.

I got tons. I wouldn’t change him for anything. Not a thing. But still, I am a patient person but even I have my limits and I don’t want him to reach them. Please don’t make me fall for you faster than I can control. Bad.

Control is good. That’s Rule #4.

Rule #5 is ….?